Women Self Help Groups

Mahalir Thittam is implemented in partnership with HEALDS -NGO in Namakkal district since 2002, who help in formation of SHGs, provide training and monitor them. The NGOs are given funds for providing the above services. Interested NGOs are affiliated as partners with Mahalir Thittam if they satisfy the norms for affiliation.

The hallmark of the SHGs promoted by Mahalir Thittam is the systematic training provided to the SHG members and the office bearers. This capacity building brings about qualitative changes in the attitude of the women and promotes cohesion and effective functioning of the group.

All the SHG members are imparted training in 4 modules for 4 days to orient them to the SHG concept. The office bearers of the SHGs (Animator and Representative) are given training in 3 modules for 6 days. This training enhances the leadership quality, team building spirit and capacity to maintain books of accounts. In addition, SHG members who are interested in starting economic activities or develop skills to get self employment are provided skill training. The skill training includes a 5 day capsule on entrepreneurial development. Nearly 19,500 women SHG members trained in various skills towards start micr enterprises activities including Honey bee keeping, beauty parlour, desi bird keeping, food processing, Tailoring units and etc.

The SHGs that complete 6 months become eligible for credit rating. Credit rating is a bench marking exercise to grade the group and ascertain its credit worthiness. The credit rating committee consists of an Assistant Project Officer from Mahalir Thittam, a representative from DRDA, a Banker, and HEALDS representative. In an effort to strengthen the Panchayat level federation (PLF) of the SHGs, one representative from the PLF has been included in the credit rating committee. Regularity of savings, frequency of meetings, proper maintenance of registers, internal loaning and repayment are some of the key parameters for rating of groups. The successfully credit rated SHGs, become eligible for credit linkage. They are given revolving fund through schemes like SGSY, TAHDCO or directly provided loans by banks.

The groups also undergo a second credit rating after the lapse of another six months to ascertain their readiness and suitability to undertake an economic activity. The groups which pass the second credit rating are provided financial assistance to start an economic activity through SGSY / TAHDCO schemes along with bank funding. Totally 1300 SHG are promoted by HEALDS in Mohanur, Erumapatty, Thiruchencode, Mallasamudram and Namakkal blocks in Namakkal district.